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Parsa Gidahi, a social service organization, is located in the district of Maharajganj and Gorakhpur in the north-eastern part of the district, Maharajganj (U.P.), Uttar Pradesh. Maharajganj district is poor and weak due to various disasters like flood and drought. The fire in this area is also very common and most of the people in the community often suffer from it.

About Maharajganj District

The coverage area of ??the organization is flood prone and lacks infrastructure. The youth groups of the area migrate from their villages due to lack of livelihood resources. The organization is implementing various activities for the purpose of capacity building and skill development of the intervention community. The community is facing serious situation in the areas of unemployment and extreme poverty

Maharajganj - a part of Eastern Uttar Pradesh; Due to floods, there is no separation of disasters and even there are more problems which support the economic situation as well as to make the situation more important in relation to health issues every year. In the area, many epidemics like Japanese encephalitis, water borne diseases, have to face life, which leads to loss of life and in particular the condition of the poor community becomes more vulnerable. Both of these districts fall under the economically backward category and include high proportion of backward and socio-economically disadvantaged families. Its borders adjacent to Nepal estate Nation of Bihar is present on the border of the state. The district came into being on May 13, 1994. After independence, Maharajganj district remained a part of Gorakhpur.

District Maharajganj came into existence on October 2, 1989. This newly built district is located on the India NEOAL border. Its borders touch the Nepal estate in the north, Gorakhpur district in the south, Kushinagar district in the east and Sidharth Nagar and Sant Kabir Nagar districts in the west. Its size is about rectangular. Total area of ??the district is 2952 square kilometers. Out of which 17.2% area is under forest. The total population of the district is 2,173,880, in which 94.9% live in rural areas. Sex ratio is 934 (per 1000 male population) in the district and it contains a total SC population of 19.6% in the total population of the district. Literacy rate of the district is 46.61% for women, which is 27.93%. This indicates a wider difference compared to the rural literacy rate as well as female literacy rate compared to urban, which is more than double (58.77%) compared to rural one (26.23%). Religious knowledge of the district indicates that the Muslim population is 16.46% of the total population in the district, while in second place in the district.

There are 777 Gram Panchayats in the district, which include 1,203 developed villages, 06 urban areas and 2 municipalities. All of them come under the 04 tehsil and 12 development blocks of the district. Apart from the district hospital in Maharajganj, it has 06 public health careers and 43 primary health centers in connection with public health services, as well as 48 family and maternal welfare centers and 245 families and maternal child welfare sub-centers (District Statistical Report) : 2007 - 08).

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