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Girls Education Case Studies

There are 340 families residing in Kalyan Basti Maharajganj, 325 children of Kangar Basti of the Kangar Basti of the Daljar community, who follow the beggar while doing the work of begging, 165 girls of this community do not go to school, by our organization Preeti Rani Kajal Priya And to Radha Efforts were made to get education, out of which two girls are running a beauty parlor. Two of us are now preparing, which is still 161 girls dropout, in which they are run in support centers and arranging teachers' book dressed chair chair image and trying to connect them to higher education, all these girls will graduate and with the help of you. Even more children can read and stand on their feet 16125 and others will find the total budget in the world ? 600000 is required to donate

About  आप सभी भाइयो एवम बहनों से निवेदन है की आप अपनी मद्दत हमें करे जो कोविड 19 कोरोना से प्रभावित है उन्हें सहयोग किया जा सके रिक्सा चालक ,दिहाड़ी .मजदुर ,कोरोना से पीड़ित परिवार को हम सब मिल कर