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Linking education to every child

Linking education to every child:

India education situation is very miserable here but 46% somewhere 55 percent of this are district literate, except for the state of Kerala, due to illiteracy in the rest of the states, superstition poverty starvation, in which the most horrible ghosts believe in superstition,  You are requesting the people wherever the country has achieved higher education, the country is ahead to help in this country to pursue education.  Make every child aware of higher education. Make them aware of your side children. Help them. It is possible that there is more temple than the school is, if the schools are built in those temples, then it is certain to be from a country like America.  Will be far ahead

About  आप सभी भाइयो एवम बहनों से निवेदन है की आप अपनी मद्दत हमें करे जो कोविड 19 कोरोना से प्रभावित है उन्हें सहयोग किया जा सके रिक्सा चालक ,दिहाड़ी .मजदुर ,कोरोना से पीड़ित परिवार को हम सब मिल कर